Thank You to Our PlastiVideo® Development Sponsors

Our sponsors see the value in educating our youth about the benefits of plastics and our collective responsibility to be good stewards of the materials we use in our daily lives. Please join your colleagues and consider sponsoring plastics education in your community.

There are a variety of ways to sponsor a PlastiVan® program.

  • PlastiVideo® delivered to a school virtually.
  • PlastiVan® presents the program at a school.
  • Students attend a PlastiVan® program at a conference site. Click here for more information on the PlastiVan® conference program.
  • Partner with an SPE student chapter from a local college who engage the school and volunteer during the program.
  • On-site visits at your location.

To learn more contact Mark Richardson, PlastiVan® Program Coordinator:

Looking for press talking points to promote your PlastiVan® program? Find them here.

"[The PlastiVan® program] provided students with an opportunity to experience polymers in a way that was exciting and provided useful information. It was especially beneficial to have the sponsor there to help support how the concepts that were covered are fully utilized with real-world applications. Great examples were provided throughout that reinforced concepts previously discussed or concepts that we will get into towards the end of the year"

- Milton HS teacher

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