Is delivering a great presentation easy for you?

Are you nervous? Do you speak too fast?

Do you struggle with time limitations or find yourself fumbling through your slides?

While public speaking and presenting may be challenging, as a Plastics Professional, it's one of the best ways for you to get noticed and excel in your field.

Teach the Geek to Speak Society will help you create impactful presentations and give you the confidence in public speaking you've always wanted.

What's Included:

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  • Excuse Assessment Worksheet — Clearly identify the challenges and excuses that are holding you back.


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Neil Thompson is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. He started out his career as a product development engineer, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Eventually, he went on to become a professional engineer. Neil is an ongoing contributor to Urbangeekz online magazine, and has contributed to Mechanical Engineering magazine, Tech Directions magazine, and PsychCentral. He started his journey in public speaking out of necessity, as he had to present in front of senior management every month at one of his engineering positions. After one too many failed presentations, he knew he had to work on his public speaking skills. He took what he learned in becoming more effective at public speaking and created the Teach the Geek to Speak course. He has presented at Society for Biomaterials, AICHE, and American Nuclear Society, among others. Neil also hosts a podcast that focuses on public speaking, offering tips and interviewing those with STEM backgrounds about public speaking.


Your course helped me to understand a better way to approach public speaking and it makes me feel more at ease. You made it more down to earth and easier to understand.

Michael C., Senior Manager

I feel more relaxed about public speaking; maybe even a little excited to try some things out. I used to think there was an absolute way of doing a speech right, but now I see that there are probably infinite ways of doing a speech right.

Karen S., Speaker

I picked up some good pointers and feel I will be more confident next time I need to give a talk in public.

Mark F., Coach

We recently had the pleasure of having Neil give our national engineering membership an interactive webinar on communication. His talk was full of very practical tips for handling a crucial interaction for all of us in our field: how to communicate technical information effectively with a non-technical group. This is key to those who work in a hospital-based team as well as those who work in universities and research labs. Neil clearly knows his subject and had lots of great resource suggestions. He was also fantastic to deal with at the event organizing level. I recommend attending one of his webinars to anyone who wants to improve their game in communicating...after all, communication is about speaking to be understood and he'll help you do just that.

Michael B., Professional Affairs Chair, Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society


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